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Who is The Entrepreneur Helping Create Jobs All Over The World

Charlotte Pearce is a 24-years-old entrepreneur. She first started to work for herself while at school, selling makeup and bags online until she founded Inkpact when she graduated from the University of Southampton.

Pearce learned that handwritten communication was crucial for businesses wanting to stand out with personalized communication, while their competitors were printing the same letters and thank you notes over and over again. So she created Inkpact to fulfill this need by helping business owners by doing all the writing for them.

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Each note card and letter are handwritten in fountain pen and ink by a home-based writer. With a fast growing team of highly qualified writers, Pearce can handle big numbers at a quick pace. And with her business structure, anyone can be a writer so she is actually offering an opportunity to those who might struggle to find a job or don’t have time for full-time employment.

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Some of the writers are stay-at-home mothers and senior citizens; writers only require internet access and some calligraphy skills so Pearce is confident she can create millions of jobs and help a lot of people in the process. She also hopes her story can inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs of all ages.

As Charlotte explains, she saw an opportunity and grab it; she didn’t have a business at the time, is was just the thought that she could do something to help solve that particular need. She made it happen with hard work and today has a profitable company that is also helping many people that can work from home.

The trick is to make young people think and understand that opportunities are all around them; they just need to pay attention, take a leap of faith and work hard to make it happen. Everyone can do it; all it requires is an open mind, willingness to do something brilliant and keep a positive thinking throughout. You can catch up with Charlotte’s inspirational work on Inkpact blog and follow her on Twitter.

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