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What is the Most Precious Metal by Vsauce

What is the Most Precious Metal by Vsauce

If a guy proposes to her girlfriend, chances are he’d been through the moon and back looking for the most appropriate and perfect ring to give her. If you are wondering about it, be sure that diamonds is the right precious stone for it, but what of the metal of the ring?

Certainly, you must think of something precious to match, and there goes the knowledgeable Vsauce’s presenter Michael Stevens in search for the world’s most precious metal. With the help of scientists from the University of Nottingham, he tested and experimented with Vanadium, Sulfur, Gold and Cerium. Several of these elements were mixed and tested for stability and safety, something that would be perfect to be worn as a ring.

In the end, the investigation was somehow similar to the search for the holy grail—seemingly realistic, seemingly myth. It is a most certainly fun watch, with experiments that change color and bark. Yes, that’s right, one experiment made a barking sound.

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