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What is Collar Pin? And When Are You Supposed to Wear One?

If you want to add character to your suit but lapel pins seem rather fancy for your taste, collar pins could be a better option.

First introduced in the beginning of the 20th century, collar pins are accessories designed to hold both ends of a dress shirt collar together while passing underneath the knot of a tie. As silk collars are too soft to hold up on their own, a pin was used providing a sophisticated and sleek appearance.

The collar pin is also meant to pop the tie knot a little, giving it a more prominent look.

How to Wear a Collar Pin

You can fix a collar pin in less than a minute. Simply connect both ends of your collar with the pin passing underneath the tie. You will notice that your collar will look firmer and your tie will show more dimension.

When removing the pins, they will leave little puncture holes in your shirt collar. No need to worry as this will go away after the shirt is washed. Multiple uses, however, can cause the collar to deteriorate faster.

If you think the safety pin design is rather boring, you have two other options: the bar and the clip.

The Collar Bar

Designed to function the same way as a collar pin but it is basically a bar which allows one end to be screwed on and off. Collar bars have a wider variety of patterns with the heads coming in circular, cube, and hexagonal designs.

When using a collar bar, the shirt collar must have an eyelet or a custom-made hole on each side. Unfortunately, shirts like these are very rare nowadays so you will have to have one customized.

The Collar Clip

A little less complicated than the bar and the pin but serving the same function is the collar clip. It has a no-fuss clip mechanism which puts it into an advantage over the latter two since it will not require you to get a tailor-made shirt nor ruin your collar over time.

The collar clip can be worn simply by clipping on each side of the collar. You want to use this on a shirt with a collar that is not too spread apart. It is also best with a slim tie.

Apart from the collar clip’s ease of use, its only flaw is keeping in place as you make movements, often sliding down and ending up a bit askew.

Different Materials and Where to Buy

These collar accessories are often made of steel with a simple silver or gold plating. They are more commonly sold in sets with the price ranging from $10 to $30. You can check if you wish to purchase online.

Whether you decide to go with the collar pin, bar or clip, make sure to not overly accessorize. It is best to not use a lapel pin if you are already sporting any of the collar adornments or it will be too distracting. Finally, choose colors and materials that go well together.

Whichever you choose, we hope you find the perfect collar enhancement that suits you the most.

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