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This Swift-Acting Restaurant Manager Saves the Life of An Elderly Customer

Blade Graham and Laura Copeland

Watching an emergency situation unfold before your very eyes is always an unnerving experience. You are not certain what action to take, and you can easily be overwhelmed or even remain unable to react.

With a bit of luck, you might take the right measures to help those around you, but it is hard to say what can happen until an actual emergency occurs. When the time came for Blade Graham, a restaurant manager, he was able to do that just that.

As he worked his usual shift at Omaha’s Petrow’s Restaurant, the night suddenly turned scary. Laura Copeland, one of the customers, was dining out for the first time after having a stroke in July. As she was enjoying a prime rib, she started to choke. Graham immediately swung into action and performed the Heimlich maneuver which saved her life.

She went unconscious, but Copeland was still breathing when paramedics arrived and carried her away. Doctors would later reveal to her that she was dead for approximately two minutes during the traumatic event. She was since released from the hospital and has now fully recovered.

When Copeland met Graham for the first time following the incident, she expressed great gratitude to the man who saved her life.

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