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This Is How Kittens Are Helping Nursing Home Residents to Feel Like Grandparents Again

A nursing home calledCatalina Springs joint hands with Pima Animal Care Center and together they created an exciting program. The program is called “Bottle Babies” and allow senior residents to look after kittens.

The idea is a win-win situation. The kittens require a lot of attention and the residents from the nursing home have a lot of time to offer. Besides, the kittens are helping the nursing home residents to feel like grandparents again. Rebecca Hamilton, the health service director at Catalina Springs, wrote in an email:

“We can place one of the kittens in their hands, and suddenly they’re not searching, they’re not stressed.”

Grandpa Feeding a Baby Cat

It was Hamilton that had the idea to bring the kittens to the facility. She’s a veteran kitten fosterer at Pima Animal Care Center and knows how is important for the young kittens to have constant care. She thought that having the residents from the nursing home caring for them might be mutually helpful.

She was right; staff noticed a positive response straight away as residents became happier and more engaged. For example, residents who have difficulties communicating would suddenly say things like “This kitten is hungry” or “I love this little baby.”

With time, it was clear that the program became something a lot bigger than anticipated. It became essential to help residents to have a more fulfilling life. It also improves their health too! As the feeling of being useful and productive can often be the best remedy when dealing with an incurable disease such as Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and Dementia.

In fact, the program has had such a positive impact that Pima Animal Care Center is proposing to expand it. And numerous other animal welfare organizations have shown interest in taking part. The idea is to create awareness around pet therapy and spread the immense benefit of the program.

Couple of Grandma Llook after Little Kittens

While the plans to expand the “Bottle Babies” are underway, the residents at Catalina Springs continue to enjoy the visitors. The kittens that they so much love and care for. Some even take the kittens for little walks around the facilities, as if they really were little babies.

The kittens make a hole difference in the life of the grandmas and grandpas at the nursing home. And you can help by supporting Pima Animal Care Center and sharing their good deeds so they can continue to bring happiness to people’s life.

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