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This Amazing Mom Opened a Coffee Shop and Now Employs 40 Adults with Learning Disabilities

Amy Wright is a mom and an entrepreneur from Wilmington, North Carolina and she opened a very special coffee shop. Bitty & Beau’s employs 40 peoples with learning disabilities and two managers with degrees in special education.

The idea came to Amy and her husband, who have two kids with Down Syndrome, while reading a newspaper. The article stated that nearly 70% of adults with learning disabilities do not have jobs, so they decided to do something to reduce these numbers. As Amy explained to CNN:

“It hit me like a lightning bolt: a coffee shop! I realized it would be the perfect environment for bringing people together. Seeing the staff taking orders, serving coffee — they’d realize how capable they are.”

Amy was right; the coffee shop is a wonderful place to learn and interact with others. But it is also very important for the community forming around Bitty & Beau’s as she explains:

“Creating this has given people a way to interact with people with disabilities that (they) never had before. This is a safe place where people can test the waters and realize how much more alike we are than different. And that’s what it’s all about.”

Another wonderful fact about Amy is that she created a nonprofit called Able to Work USA, and this is where all her profits go. So why not support such a great cause, if you are in Wilmington, stop by Bitty & Beau’s for a cup a coffee.

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