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These Shaving Kits Are Everything You Need to Be a Man’s Man

Traditional Shaving Kit

You might already be using a nice razor along with your favorite shaving gel but somehow you feel as if something is lacking from your wet shaving experience. Let me tell you what that is. Ever heard of shaving kits? If not, then that is most likely the reason why you are not enjoying your wet shaving routine as much as you could.

A shaving kit is a set of grooming products that are designed to work as a team for the wet shaver to achieve the smoothest shave he yearns for while making the process as seamless as possible. It should include a shave brush, brush stand, shave bowl, a good razor, and soap. Some manufacturers may include a pre- or post-shave solution like a pre-shave oil, after-shave cream or exfoliant.

Now, we hardly see men standing among shopping aisles looking for the perfect shaving accessory, much less a shaving kit. If you however decide to take wet shaving into a whole new level or you want to gift someone a nice shaving pack but you have no idea which one will be most appreciated, you can definitely use some help. We have made a comprehensive list of the best shaving kits for men based on quality, popularity, and affordability.

Van Der Hagen Premium Shave Set

Van Der Hagen Premium Shave Set
  • Hypo-allergenic shave soap contains 40% humectants moisturizers to help soften even the toughest beard
  • Ceramic bowl designed to make lathering easier by holding the shave cake in place and fitting comfortably in the shaver's hand
  • Handmade shaving brushes using the world's finest quality 100% natural boar bristle
  • Shallow bowl reduces mess and prevent tipping

With almost 2,000 reviews in Amazon alone, it is not difficult to decide that the Van Der Hagen Premium Shave Set is a favorite among wet shaving starters and veterans alike.

In this best seller men shaving kit, you will find shave soap, ceramic bowl, and a handmade boar bristle brush. The soap consists of 40% moisturizer which is a good softener if you have thick strands of hair and it comes in Aloe Vera & Shea Butter although users have claimed that it smells okay, neither on the remarkable nor bad side.

The ceramic bowl to be used for the shaving soap is designed to fit nicely on the palm of your hand.

The best part of this men shaving kit is the boar bristle brush. As expected it is not as soft as a badger brush but works really well when you are working up a lather and in lifting the hairs from your face. It will shed during the first few uses but this is typical of shaving brushes.

Some may think that the inclusions are nothing to be ecstatic about but for a product carrying the Van Der Hagen brand promise, the items in this pack are proven to be of good quality. With the price not going any higher than $12, this shaving kit is a decent starter set if you are experimenting on wet shaving. You definitely would not want to be stuck with a $150 shaving kit only to realize that wet shaving is not for you.

Omega Shaving Set with Brush Holder and Soap

Omega Shaving Brush Set
  • SHAVING ESSENTIAL - This set includes everything you need to get started.
  • BOAR BRUSH - The set comes with a 10065 pure bristle brush from Omega.
  • SHAVING SOAP - The set also includes a 150 ml classic shaving soap with eucalyptus oil for a refreshing shave.
  • MAKES A GREAT PRESENT - This boxed set makes an excellent present for men.

Another affordable men shaving kit specifically made in Italy is the Omega 46065 Shaving set. Available online for only $14.99, the kit includes a boar bristle brush, brush holder, and shaving soap. The main piece which is the boar bristle brush may be considered mediocre but you cannot consider it bad for its price.

The brush stand that came along with the boar bristle brush is made from plastic and one might assume that the service life of the stand would be somewhere around 12 months or less. Customer reviews on Amazon, however, show otherwise as some users claim they have been using their own Omega shaving set for more than a year.

The Omega 46065 shaving set is nothing fancy but it does make for a practical and no-risk starter set. If you decide that wet shaving is not for you, the price spent on this shaving kit is not a huge dent on your pocket.

Gentleman Jon Complete Wet Shave Kit

Gentleman Jon Complete Wet Shave Kit
  • Upgrade Your Shave | Get everything you need to start shaving correctly, in one spot, of the highest quality, for one price.
  • Shaving is a ritual, not a chore and it's time to grow up. Toss the cheap cartridge razors & aerosol foams and upgrade to Gentleman Jon shaving products to see what it feels like to shave like a man.
  • Slow down and see what you're missing, and quality goes a long way. Each of our products have been curated to deliver the finest shave at prices that will not break the bank. On top of this, quality shave products last much longer as than what you are used to. The days of 2 use shave cartridges and foams that only last for a month are over. Welcome to Gentleman Jon.
  • This kit includes 6 carefully curated items to deliver the full experience, right from the start
  • + (1) Safety Razor + (1) Badger Hair Brush + (1) Alum Block + (1) Stainless Steel Shave Bowl + (1) Shave Soap + (5) Astra Razor Blades

Gentleman Jon does not disappoint with this classic shave kit. Not only does it take wet shaving to a whole new level but another era as well.

Included in the well-crafted shave kit is a badger hair shave brush, sandalwood shaving soap, stainless steel shave bowl, Astra razor blades and their famous Gentleman Jon™ Alum Block.

All the items in this shave kit are of the finest quality so we will just talk about their signature Alum Block. This is made to close pores, halt any bleeding from cuts, and cool the face. It is a very useful after-shave product especially if you are prone to getting cuts and bumps. It also comes in a plastic case which makes it an excellent travel piece in your shaving kit.

Out of the five products we mentioned in this article, the Gentleman Jon Complete Shave Kit has the highest rating among customer reviews and we are not surprised. For $55 this shaving kit is reasonably worth its price.

Colonel Conk Mug and Deluxe Boar Brush Set

Colonel Conk Mug and Deluxe Boar Brush Set
  • Mixed badger shave brush
  • Deluxe boar brush
  • Gold-tone stand with fine hardwood base holds brush and razor
  • 2.25 oz. Colonel Conk's world-famous glycerin shave soap
  • Old-fashioned ceramic apothecary mug

Colonel Conk is a well-known brand when it comes to traditional shaving gear as they never fail to offer high quality and cleverly designed products. The Col. Conk Model 239 Mug and Deluxe Boar Brush Set is not an exemption. 

Elegantly made with a nostalgic feel, this shaving set includes a boar brush, gold-tone double track razor, gold-tone stand with fine hardwood base holds brush and razor, glycerin shave soap, and a ceramic apothecary mug.

All the elements in this men shaving kit compliments each other so well making for an attractive and useful bathroom piece. Considering that this is costlier than other available shaving kits for men, it is a better fit for dedicated wet shaving beginners and veterans. It can also be a nice gift for a loved one but make sure they have enough space in the bathroom.

6 Piece Shaving Gift Set

6 Piece Shaving Gift Set
  • Shaving Gift kit comes with 6 key tools in a Elegant Black Gift Box:1x Pure Badger Hair Shaving Brush,1x Double Edge Safely Razor,1x Chrome Razor Stand,1x Bowl,1x Shaving Soap,2x Replacement Blades.Great gift idea for Your Father,Brother,Husband or Boyfriend.
  • Safety Razor:Twist-to-Open ("Butterfly Open") design for easy blade replacement.Screws in razor long handle,give you great control and balance.It will leave yourself or him really smooth.Comes with Free 2 double edge razor blades!
  • Shaving Brush:100% Pure badger hair shaving brush with chrome handle.It can generate rich and warm lather.Please Notice:All the hair has been sanitized, however the natural smell of badger hair may still present, but it will be gone over few uses.And You may experience hair falling in the beginning, but it will stop after few uses.
  • Shaving Stand:High quality chrome plated stand, rust-proof, rubber like non-slip sole weighted for Stability.Shaving stand will keeps your razor and brush dry to avoid bacteria.Facilitates air circulation for brush to dry properly.Minimize irritation, shaving burn and pore infection.
  • Shaving Bowl:This bowl is the perfect size for popular soaps. Durable than most ceramic bowls.Wide opening helps make a great lather.Driftwood soap generates a rich, proper lather that assists in razor glide to prevent irritation and burn.All natural ingredients and free of synthetic preservatives. Great for all skin types including sensitive skin. Reduces chance for razor bumps or rashes.Put the bowl on the stand to catch the water dripping from the brush,avoid wetting your bath tables.

A brilliant new find among the many shaving kits for men is this elegant 6 piece shaving gift set from a brand called USNaturals. This is by no means a popular men shaving kit. We were simply taken by the neat packaging and we were in for a lovely surprise as we dived into the box.

Included in this shaving kit is a pure badger hair shaving brush, a twist-to-open double edge safety razor, 2 replacement blades, a chrome rezone and brush stand, shaving bowl, and a sandalwood shaving soap.

For a brand that many of us may be unfamiliar with, its price at $64.99 may seem pretty expensive. If you take note of its sleek design, brush quality, the stability of the brush stand and the very nice packaging it comes in, you will surely realize that the product may actually be worth more than its selling price. This shaving kit is guaranteed to be a pleasant surprise when gifted to a loved one or even to oneself.

In summary, each of these shaving kits may have an outstanding quality that will make it most suitable for a type of shaver.  Depending on whether you consider the quality, performance, aesthetic or price as the deciding factor on a shaving kit’s quality, you will be the one to decide which set is the best for you.

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