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The Stiletto Tibone Titanium Hammer is the Last Hammer You Will Ever Buy

Stiletto Tibone Titanium Hammer

A tradesman’s tool is a precious item and it can make a difference between making a couple of bucks or creating a building empire. As much important to know your trade is to show potential clients that you have the right tools for that important contract.

Typical weaker hammers are bound to break, warp, or puts great strain on the arm, and such afflictions can delay work, cause mishaps or even lead to long-term health problems. The Stilleto Tibone Hammer is not your typical hammer thanks to an advanced ergonomic design that is a comfort to wield and a titanium body that is as strong and lightweight as steel.

Stiletto TB15SC TiBone 15-Ounce Titanium Smooth Face Hammer (Curved Handle)
  • 15-ounce titanium head has the driving force of 24-ounce steel
  • Convenient magnetic nail starter saves your fingers from abuse
  • Light enough to work with all day
  • Rugged construction makes it extremely durable
  • Curved handle

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