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The Grandma’s Ground Shifts When Surprised by a Pregnancy Announcement

Grandma Lee Kreps

Which is the best way to give a parent some good news? Let’s find out.

During one of the Momma Lee Kreps birthdays, she got a big surprise when she finally found her gift that was impishly concealed in her daughter’s oven.

According to the sweet mosaic published by Lynn Kreps and Sean, the couple hatches and executes the plan to send the soon-to-be grandmother on a quest for an extraordinary present around their sister’s kitchenette in Durham, North Carolina.

When she finally opens the oven, she finds a tiny wheat pastry sedentary on the rack but she doesn’t realize what it means instantly.

After a few seconds, she can’t contain her excitement as she realizes what is happening and the best way she could respond to the situation is by letting out a joyous screech.

The video titled “How to Announce a Pregnancy” produced in 2013, enchanted more than a squillion viewers on YouTube.

Who wouldn’t want to become a grandma?

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