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The Genius Way This Unique Restaurant is Raising Awareness About Food Wastage

The Salvage Supperclub

People derive inspiration from many places, and the founder of this amazing restaurant found a unique way to inspire people to talk about food waste. At the Salvage Supperclub, customers are literally served in a dumpster.

The restaurant-club was launched in 2014 with the aim of enlightening people about food wastage and utilizes food that would ordinarily be discarded to create its dishes. According to a 2012 research, America dumps approximately 40% of its total food supply and the average American family of four spends up to $2,275 yearly on food that they end up throwing away.

The founder, Josh Treuhaft, came up with this out-of-the-box idea to help raise awareness about food wastage in the US. While admitting that getting people excited around waste is not an easy task, Treuhaft notes that his idea has changed the attitudes of many people and shifted their minds.

The dumpster is placed right outside one of the dinner goer’s home, and Treuhaft ensures that it is properly cleaned and disinfected to maintain hygiene. The hanging of tea lights helps to add a touch of class and if the refined ambiance is proof that even imperfect foods can be utilized to produce an exceptional experience of, literally, eating food out of a dumpster.

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