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Surf Shacks: The Beautiful and Sweet Homes of Surfers Worldwide

Surf Shacks Book

Surfers have an attractive allure that makes us envy their lifestyle. They seem to bathe in freedom, wistfully going anywhere they please whenever they want. This opens up their world to exotic places, gives them the opportunity to bond with diverse people and cultivate unforgettable experiences.

Being such spontaneous beings and constantly moving around means they need houses that are built for their lifestyle. Surf Shacks is a collection of surfers and the homes that reflect their personality. Through the interviews, we get an insight into a surfer’s lifestyle beyond the beach. They detail their hobbies, daily activities, and passions besides the waves.

Much of their additional activities involve artistic passions. Expressed in various ways, it’s a significant part of their lives that is usually conveyed through the design of their homes. The photos and illustrations show how surfers turn their houses into creative outlets. Take a look at their masterpieces.

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