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Shine like A Star on Your Wedding Day, Wear Exquisite Bridal Jewelry

One of the most important milestones in a woman’s life is her wedding day. On this day, she must look like the superstar that she is for she plays the most important role in the marriage ceremony. She must appear at her best in her ensemble – white an adorned gown, veil, train, shoes, and of course, her bridal jewelry. In some families, this is a set of jewels worn by the brides in the family and are considered heirlooms. They are kept in safe boxes to safeguard them from thieves and are taken out only when a member of the family marries. And as expected, brides from royal families are well-known for their gorgeous and priceless trinkets.

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Indian jewelry

In India, the brides receive a set of jewelry items to wear on their wedding day. The set could be an inheritance of the most precious stones or a modern ensemble of jewels made from synthetic or manmade stones or cultured pearls. The trinkets are elaborately made. A popular tradition known as Kundan keshri is responsible for the opulent jewels worn by brides in this country. Indian bridal jewelry styled the Kundan way is composed of intricately laid gemstones on a gold foil. Using enamel, the stones are set unto the gold foil, resulting into a wide piece of gold necklace dotted with multi-colored gemstones. The necklace comes with matching stud or dangling pair of earrings and a ring, as well as a bangle. For members of royal families, a jeweled headdress with a centerpiece bigger and more precious than the rest of the stones can be obviously seen worn by them. Called as bindi, this has become a part of bridal jewelry in India.

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Pearl jewelry

While diamonds and other colored precious stones are popularly used by brides for their wedding day, pearl bridal jewelry has also become popular. Any woman loves pearls because of their classic beauty. This precious object used to be very rare and can only be found inside big oysters on deep seas. Nowadays, pearls can be cultured and jewelry sets are made from pearls of all sizes. Seed pearls are used to make necklaces of several layers with a big stone serving as pendant. In addition, they are used to beautifully adorn the bridal gown.

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Mother of pearl jewelry can be found in many stores that sell woman’s apparel and accessories. Big pieces of pearls are used and their size varies from as big as marbles to as big as an egg. The biggest pearl is used as the centerpiece. The glossy, off white and pure gemstone can give any bride a touch of class and sophistication. It is favored not just by brides but also by professional women who need to look businesslike but demure and gorgeous.

Jewelry for Particular Wedding Style

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  • Glamorous: The ultimate choice of brides for glamor is diamonds. Wearing chandelier earrings draws more attention to a bride’s face.
  • Simple and Elegant: Simple styles and vintage pieces work for this wedding style. Strands of pearls and diamond earrings create a classic yet elegant look.
  • Beach Wedding: Puka shells and few flowers in bride’s hair can set the tone for a ceremony on the beach.


Bridal jewelry sets are available in online and offline stores at prices that will fit any kinds of budget. You can have low-priced items that still look like the genuine ones. With a complete set as part of your wedding ensemble, you will really shine and be the star in this most important and memorable event in your life. Find exquisite but affordable bridal jewelry now.

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