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QiGong : Breathing techniques to improve chi energy and reduce weight


Qi gong improves the metabolism of the body through simple exercises and helps you in your quest for weight loss. If you are practicing qi gong, there is no need to diet or spend hours in gym or aerobics classes.

At first glance, the exercises may seem too simple and effective. But do not be so hasty in conclusions. The fact is that according to Eastern philosophy, obesity is a result of improper flow of energy chi inside the body.Qi gong helps us to improve the inner harmony and gets rid of stress. In the state of psychological depression, we most often overeat. The body reacts differently to stress: the work of the digestive system is blocked and incoming nutrients accumulate in fat. That is why stress is directly related to obesity, and qigong relives the stress and eliminates the extra pounds.

Inhale maximum air so that your stomach is filled with air and you feel a slight pressure on your spine area.Now exhale it slowly.For a couple of times,breath slowly and after that speep up your breathing.The total duration of this deep abdominal breathing is two minutes.This speeds up the metabolism of the body.

After the meal is very useful to speed up the digestion of the food. For this it is necessary to make a 50-100 circular strokes on the abdomen in a clockwise direction.


The next step in the conquest of power “chi” is a victory over hunger.Whenever you feel hungry,just slowly massage every part of your ear using thumb and the index finger.Its better to massage both the ears at the same time.


Hit different parts of your body with your palm.First vigorously massage the Shoulders,arms and back-one after another. After that go down towards stomach,thighs and down the feet in the mentioned order.You must hit as if you are knocking the dust out of your body and it must make the clapping sound.This self-massage helps in stimulation of each cell of the body and fills it with the vital energy chi.

It is better to perform below exercises before going to bed.

First we have to find the points gentry and yuntsyuan on the body. Point “gentry” is about 5 cm away from the lumbar vertebra. Use your fingers to massage it 12 times
in up and down motion. This will warm up the gentry point. Now use your middle fingers to perform 24 times the circular motion on this point.

Point yuntsyuan is in the center of the arch.Its easy to spot by bending the toes. Depression before the arch of the foot is the point yuntsyuan.Use your middle finger
to make 24 rotational movements in a clockwise direction and then in the opposite direction on this point.


Now sit down,place your right foot above the left. Place your right hand on the abdomen and use the left hand to press yuntsyuan on the right foot.Now make 100 rotational movements on your stomach in both the directions using the right palm. Make sure that you your left hand is in contact with the yuntsyuan during the complete duration of the exercise.



Now Repeat the same with your left leg.

All of the above exercises do not require special clothing and can be done even in the office or on vacation.

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