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One Smart Ring to Rule Them All

One Smart Ring to Rule Them All

In 2013 a company called Logbar began developing a smart ring that might be able to control a number of everyday activities, such as turning lights and appliances on and off, and to perform more complex functions involving payments. The company recently created a campaign on Kickstarter to take the final step towards the commercialisation of the product, and having gotten the money they need prepar to enter the market.

Missing a month to the end of the campaign, Logbar has already raised more than what they asked for, from an initial $250,000 they now exceed $600,000 from more than 2600 supporters. Why do so many people become interested? Well, watch the video below. You’ll not only understand why, but will probably get one too.

With Ring, you will be able to control your television, lights, home applications and a host of other things. You’ll also be able to write texts by drawing letters in the air, open your camera app, for example, by drying a camera icon with your finger. The Ring will also emit a bright alert and vibrate when the user receives notifications .

The battery can handle 1000 gestures before needing to be recharged, and for now, the ring system is only compatible with Android and iOS, but a version for Windows Phone is coming soon. The Ring will cost less than $200 and deliveries begins in July, but those who contribute more are going to receive the device a month before as a reward

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