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New York Police Office’s Act of Kindness Goes Viral

New York police officer was caught on camera doing something you don’t see very often; he was giving a pair of boots and socks to a homeless man. Officer Lawrence DePrimo justified his actions by saying that he was wearing two pairs of socks and combat boots that night and that his feet were still freezing, so when he saw a homeless, elderly gentleman without shoes he felt compelled to do something

New York police officer Lawrence DePrimo

He went to a shoe shop nearby and asked for a pair of long lasting boots and some socks, he bought the items using his own money, and then proceed to put the socks and shoes on the old man’s feet. At this moment a passerby took a picture, posted online and it didn’t take long for the picture to go viral.

DePrimo also offered to buy him a cup of coffee and some food, but the lovely gentleman said that he had done enough already, that he loves the police, and went away with a smile on his face. In the video below DePrimo says he keeps the receipt in his bulletproof vest as a reminder that everyone goes through hard days at some point in life.

This is a reminder that life is no always kind, sometimes we all go through hardship. So be nice to the people around you and help one another. Who knows, one act of kindness can trigger a chain of kindness. Wouldn’t that be wonderful? I certainly think it would.

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