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Japanese secret recipe for weight loss


Black Soybean Cocoa makes your slimming enjoyable. This recipe helps you to lose 4 pounds in 2 weeks without any extra effort or change in diet plan.

How to Make Black Soybean Flour Cocoa

Ingredients: Black soybeans, 200 grams. Cocoa powder, 100 grams (2 parts of soybeans to 1 part of cocoa powder), Milk, Honey, or low calorie sweetener.

1. Wash the beans and drain out the water.

2. When dry, roast the beans in a frying pan. With wooden chopsticks or ladle, shuffle the beans in pan while roasting.

3. Put out the fire when the beans burst and the white inside begins to show.

4. Place the roasted beans in a food mill or similar grinding device and turn into powder or flour form.

5. Mix the bean flour with cocoa powder and keep in an airtight container in the refrigerator.

6. To prepare for drinking, place 20 grams (one heaped tablespoon) in a cup and pour in warmed milk (about 200 ml) and mix well. Sweeten with honey or low-calorie sweetener of your choice.

Reduced 1.5 Kilograms in Two Weeks

By Mrs. Hiroko Shiba, 34-year old housewife of Osaka

I learned about black soybean flour cocoa diet about two weeks ago from an acquaintance. Being 161 cm tall and weighing 53 kilograms, I wasn’t exactly fat as far as measurements go. However, extraneous fat was beginning to collect on the inner side of my thighs and lower abdomen — signs of middle-age spread. I took a liking instantly to black soybean flour cocoa the first time that I drank it. It suited my sweet tooth. It’s only two weeks since I started taking it daily three times a day before meals but I have already reduced 1.5 kilograms and my hip has slimmed. After I drink it, my stomach feels full so I now eat less at meals. And, I don’t get the craving to eat or drink something sweet in-between meals.

It seems that black soybean flour cocoa is also good for easing constipation because several days after I started taking it my bowel movement improved and I no longer have to grunt and groan in the washroom every morning.

Nothing Else Helped except Black Soybean Cocoa

By Ms. Fumi Mitomaru, 54-year old company employee of Tokyo

I had tried many kinds of weight-reducing diets over many months but never succeeded. I just wasn’t able to continue restricting what I eat for a long time and couldn’t resist eating sweet things like cakes. One day, a fellow worker in my office told me about black soybean flour cocoa. I started taking it three times a day before meals. My initial reaction was that this tastes good.

One month since then, I managed to lose 1 kilogram from my former 56 kilograms. My height is 156 cm. The good thing about this diet is that, unlike all the others that I had tried before, I can continue it, and enjoyably at that. I don’t feel that I am struggling to reduce weight. It seems so natural and requires no effort at all.

After I drink a cup, my stomach feels satisfied and I can easily control my intake at meals. It also satisfies my desire for sweet things. Whenever I feel that I want to eat something sweet in between meals, I drink black soybean flour cocoa.

Because it is tasty, I feel no resistance in continuing to take it, and I am confident that I shall be able to take off more weight in the future. Besides it seems to have a laxative effect. I used to take a mild laxative everyday but now I have cut it down to once every other day.

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