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In 10 Years’ Time, This Unbelievable, Exceptional Lady Could Be Your Child’s Pediatrician

Ricarda Urso

Ricarda Urso has all the qualities that any young person aspire to have. Who is she? She is a passionate, optimistic and laser-focused student who works for 60 hours in order to support her family and pay for her studies.

She works in four different jobs and yet she is still able to handle her full-time undergraduate studies, at the University of Oklahoma, that will prepare her for medical school.

But things have never been straightforward as they seem. During her childhood, her family come to America from Germany but never thought they would stay for long. Ricarda, her mother, and two brothers were left to navigate life on their own by her biological father after he fled due to Visa challenges. To add salt to an injury, she was diagnosed with the cerebral palsy disease after she was born and she keeps fighting it, by doing treacherous exercises, to date. The time she spent at St. Louis Shriner’s Hospital as a child made her want to pursue a career in medicine and become a pediatrician within the next 10 years. Although there will be many stabling blocks along the way, she says nothing will stop her.


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