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How to Match Cufflinks with Your Outfit

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Introduced by the French in the 16th century, wearing cufflinks symbolized a person belongs to the higher class or the royal family. Nowadays, cufflinks still play a part in transforming a relaxed and casual outfit to one that speaks of professionalism and confidence.

How to Match Cufflinks with Your Clothes

One way of finding a way for your cufflinks to work with your outfit is by considering its color. Wear a cufflink that matches any of the following:

  • Any of the colors of your shirt or pants
  • A hue similar to your tie
  • The shade of your pants
  • The colors of your pocket square
  • The tone of your shoes, belt or belt buckle

Matching gemstone cufflinks may seem tricky but it is certainly a skill that will serve you well especially if you believe in using your wardrobe in making a statement.

However, you must take note that color matching is not a rule set on stone, so do not be afraid to pick a cufflink to see if it matches your outfit. The key is to use a cufflink that is of the same shade with something you are also wearing such as your shirt, pants and other accessories.

Matching Cufflinks with the Rest of Your Outfit

We want to pick cufflinks that work with our clothing for the simple fact that these accessories intend to give an impression that we are men who have our lives figured out. Not adolescents who go through our wardrobe while intoxicated or half-asleep.

We want to make a good impression and wearing a Blue Topaz Silver cufflink with a Marvel necktie simply does not achieve that.

Having a wardrobe that appears to be well thought of also shows you have high regard for the people that you are attending a particular ceremony or even a regular business meeting with. The attention you give your clothing and accessories shows the amount of importance that you give to yourself and the ones around you.

Tips on Wearing Cufflinks

Here are some things that you would want to keep in mind when wearing cufflinks.

  • Before you set out to shop for cufflinks, go over your wardrobe to see what colors you have. This way you do not end up with cufflinks that barely go with anything. The cufflinks need to go with your shirt and tie.
  • On light colored or pastel clothes, such as pink and whites, you can get cufflinks that are a few shades darker like brown or burgundy.
  • With dark clothes, such as browns and black, choose cufflinks that come in silver, blue, or green tones.
  • Cufflinks’ shapes also fit on particular occasions. In more formal or business affairs, choose geometrical shapes or straight lines while you can go for more rounded or softer designs on more relaxed events.
  • Aside from its shape, you must also take note of the size. If you have a bigger body built, wear bigger sized cufflinks, while men with a thin-framed body built should opt for smaller accessories.

Popular Brands of Cufflinks and Where to Get Them

You can purchase cufflinks from your local dress shops or shop from a wide variety available online. You can click on these links if you are looking for novelty cufflinks or very fancy ones that are embellished with precious stones.

Some popular designer brands include Tiffany & Co., Montblanc, Bvlgari, Mulberry, Theo Fennell, and  Be ready to spend as little as £13 for a simple pair or go all out with lavish ones priced at £21,000.

No matter how little or big you plan by investing in the right pair of cufflinks, it is important to remember that a well-made outfit does not have to come at a hefty price. It depends on how you create a fluid flow with each piece complimenting each other.

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