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How to Keep Your Tie in Place

So you put together a nice combination of a crisp shirt, a tie that compliments its color, some neat pants, and a good pair of shoes. That is a good amount of effort in looking well-presented, now all you have to do is maintain this image until the day is done.

Luckily, there are little things in this life that allow us men to keep it together while still looking good.

Some people may think it is a little fancy to be sporting a tie clip or a tie tack when you’re already wearing a nice shirt but real men understand that there are valid reasons as to why we need to keep our ties secured.

The Importance of Keeping Your Tie in Place

  1. It keeps the tie clean. At some point during the day, one has to eat and you definitely would not want your tie on the plate or dipping in your soup. A good tie clip will also keep your tie from dragging across dirty surfaces.
  2. It helps avoid unforeseen accidents. Hearing about the guy whose tie got caught in a paper shredder seems funny until it happens to you. That’s when it becomes unsafe and well, embarrassing.
  3. It keeps them from touching or swinging towards other people. Have you ever stood on a queue and suddenly the flowing hair of the lady standing beside you just whips your face? Now imagine this with your tie.
  4. Because ties just look good when flat on the shirt and not flapping against the wind.

Different Ways to Keep a Tie in Place

Depending on how formal, fancy or casual you want to end up looking, there are various ways to choose from to keep your tie secured.

Tie Clip or Tie Bar

It is two bars meant to latch together and hold your tie to your front shirt placket.

Tie Chain

More popular during the 1960’s and the 1970’s, this is similar to the tie clip but with a chain on the end.

Tie Stick Pin

Used more frequently with stroller suit or a morning coat. The tie stick pin is more for decorative purposes or someone wants to look expensive. Some are made of solid 14k or 18k gold, while some are decorated with diamonds or other precious stones.

Paper Clip

This option may seem a little tacky but it is preferred on skinnier ties or if you are just not a fan of tie clips. The paper clip will have to be bent to imitate having hooks on both sides, then slid through the tie’s tag. Then, the hooks are attached to the buttons of the shirt.

Safety Pin

Another practical way of keeping your tie in place is by using a safety pin to attach it to your shirt but one must be careful to not get pricked.

No matter how you prefer to keep your tie in place, I hope we helped you in finding one that is most suitable for you.

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