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Hans Wegner Chair

In the history of furniture design and manufacturing, none shines brighter than Hans Wegner chairs. Designed by one of the best designers of the twentieth century, Hans Wegner, these chairs bring beauty, simplicity and craftsmanship in to the same blend. Hans Wegner chairs are designed by Hans Jorgen Wegner who was a Danish designer born in 1914. He was a student of a technical college in Copenhagen and he had very keen interest on arts and sculpture. He wanted to bring together art and functionality and that’s why he decided to become a furniture designer to express his innate ability and desire. He was a furniture designer but the most famous of his creations are the Hans Wegner chairs. Wegner joined the Danish Design School to sharpen his skills in furniture design.

elegant designed hans wegner chair

Hans Wegner started his career by designing an armchair with sliding arm rests. This was just the beginning of a marvelous journey which lasted more than 50 years. Wegner used to design the furniture sets of entire city halls and big buildings. This was when he started to really shine as a designer. The motto of his work is to keep it effective and yet magnificent. Most of the chair designs by Hans Wegner were done at the Carl Hansen & Son workshop in Denmark. Wegner has designed many different varieties of chairs over the years. Some of them are more famous than the others. Some of his most notable creations are the designs of Wishbone Chairs, The Shell Chairs, Hoop Chairs, Peacock Chairs, Swivel Chairs, OX chair, The Wing Chair etc.

His peacock chair was one of the most famous Hans Wegner chairs. It was inspired by the plume of a peacock. The specialty of a Hans Wegner chair is its connection with the nature. His Wishbone chairs are still one of the most sought after furniture all over the world. The playful design of the Ox Chair shows the lighter side of Wegner’s character. Most of his chairs were made of wood. He used different kinds of wood ranging from oak, pine, willow etc. He once described a perfect chair as a concept that can never come to reality. But, his pursuit of perfection was tireless.

Hans Wegner famous chairs

You can find a Hans Wegner chair in almost all the major furniture store or you can contact any Danish furniture store for more authenticity. The chairs are very comfortable and you can find some of the designs within your budget for sure because there are so many varieties.

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