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Ever Wondered Where You Really Came From? Learn That and More

23andMe DNA Test Ancestry Genetic Service

Ever wondered where you really came from? Throughout Earth’s long history humans have migrated and mixed amongst the many different societies across the globe. This cross-societal breeding means that almost everyone on the face of the earth has a mixed genetic background that is based on their geographic ancestors.

Discovering your origin is an interesting journey that will give you some extra insights into who you are, and beyond self-discovery, the 23andME DNA test kit is great for learning about health quirks that your ancestors had which may end up affecting you today.

With a simple saliva sample, they can accurately breakdown your genetic lineage. If you want to discover extensions in your family tree they also have the option to share your DNA info so you can connect with other people who have the same DNA. 

23andMe DNA Test - Ancestry Personal Genetic Service - includes 1,000+ Geographic Regions, DNA Relative Finder (Opt-in) & More
  • Easy-to-use at-home kit, no membership required. Personalized ancestry reports based on your DNA ready in about 6-8 weeks.
  • Now with 1,000+ geographic regions - the most comprehensive genetic ancestry breakdown on the market.
  • Learn even more than your ancestral regions - discover your ancient ancestry and trace their migration with just one DNA test
  • First consumer DNA test to offer a breakdown of your ancestry with results becoming more refined as our database continues to grow
  • Subject to 23andMe's Terms of Service at and Privacy Statement at

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