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Dress for Success Even When Working From Home

Even if you work from home, you are still a professional. What this means is even if your home base is not an office building, this does not and should not exempt you from being serious about your business venture. One way to “get into character” is looking the part. Even though a proper dress code may seem ridiculous when you think about working from home, work clothes affect you, both on a personal and business level and can affect your career.

Therefore, whether you are an independent contractor or a home-based entrepreneur, here are 6 reasons why you should dress for success even when working from home:

To Maintain a Professional Perception

This is especially true if you are a team member and have to participate in video conferences and meetings. Keep in mind that video connections help form and strengthen relationships, and casual clothes can give the impression that you are not serious or do not really value what you do. On the contrary, dressing for success is important if you want to make a strong impression when talking to people on phone. Believe it or not, but when you are dressed professionally, you sound perkier and exert confidence, which is key to making the desired impact. Remember that visuals are powerful, and first impressions are crucial.

To Improve Your Productivity

How we dress up can actually influence our actions. A study published by the Northwestern University found that certain pieces of clothing can impact the wearer’s psychological processes. Dressing professionally puts us in a better mental state, where we feel more attentive, engaged and dedicated to our work.

To Conform To the Corporate Culture

If your company has a specific dress code, you shouldn’t get the idea that you are free from obeying the rules. Observe the dress code and conform to the culture to ensure you don’t end up in jeopardy.

To Draw the Line

When you create boundaries between home and work, your performance automatically improves. One way to achieve this is to dress professionally, which will create a distinction between your work and home life.

To Give Others around You a Visual Reminder

When you work from home, people in your personal and household circle may fail to respect your time. If you are dressed all casual, in PJs and a tee, it wouldn’t strike someone that you are working. However, when you dress for success, you are giving a signal that you are busy with work and should not be disturbed.

To Help Sustain Your Focus

It is quite common to be physically present in a situation but be mentally absent, like checking your texts when in a meeting. Clothes help you collocate, by acting as a reminder that you need to get back to your work spirits. Yes, you may feel lazy to get into new clothes every morning, and yes, it will get uncomfortable from time to time but remember that you have so much to gain out of this slight everyday inconvenience.

In fact, when you get up every morning a little earlier only to hop in the shower and get dressed, you will come out feeling refreshed and more awake. You can even save money on coffee!

Now we are not recommending that you suit up or wear your finest shoes every day! A simple casual outfit, i.e. jeans with a nice button-down shirt or jumper will do. The rule of thumb is to not wear anything that you will feel embarrassed wearing in public.

Dressing For Success – 6 Working Outfit Ideas

  1. Comfortable yet sophisticated t-shirts with dress pants. Hugo Boss, Lacoste, and Adidas are great brands for men’s t-shirts.
  2. Jumper with pants or trousers
  3. Leather jacket with denim pants (for meetings and important video conferences)
  4. Button down shirts and trousers
  5. Shirt with a coat along with a denim pant. Club Monaco, Brooks Brothers, and Thomas Pink are brands worth checking out for high-quality men’s dress shirts.
  6. T-shirt and a blazer

Sure, one of the biggest benefits of working from home is you can work in your pajamas and bunny slippers and no will judge you. However, you need to be fair to yourself and respect your business ethics and you will definitely notice a rise in your productivity.

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