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Dendroterapiya: Treatment with the Energy of Trees


Our ancestors have sincerely believed that plants have the ability to give people the strength and health. If you can find your tree-healer, embrace him by the barrel, you can recover from a serious illness or unwind for a few months in advance.

Trees like all living organisms have bio field. The bio field of trees and people interact, resulting in a two way interaction between tree and person.

The trees can give or suck energy from persons or be neutral. Therefore, the most important thing – do not make the wrong choice of tree for the treatment.

If you are suffering from negative emotions, you need a tree that is expert in sucking negativity and if you want to be successful, you will need a tree that can supply energy to your aura.

Some trees are like bad people. They increase your negativity or reduce your aura. So be very careful while picking your healer.

Some plants are especially beloved of the people, it is believed that they radiate positive action currents bring good luck in business, give a good mood and even prolong human life, protecting him from many troubles. But there are some who are notorious, and superstitious people avoid planting such plants near your home or decorate their rooms.

Find Your Green Friend

Birch is healing tree. Any sick person can turn to her for help. It is a gracious tree. It helps to relieves pain and gets rid of many diseases.

Pine protects against misfortune and provides positive energy to people suffering from depression and nervousness. In addition, pine increases creativity and removes, irritation and anger.

Rowan helps only the women. Women of all ages can approach to her for sexual help. It helps women to unleash the full potential of their sex.

Acacia is tree of fertility. Traditionally, couples who wanted to have baby came to her .It is believed that if we look at Acacia with the request, mentally talk to her and touch the trunk with love – pregnancy will follow soon.

Oak Upon contact with this tree, the person receives the maximum amount of life energy. It bestows vigour, longevity and the strong will to the people.

Verba brings good health to all the inhabitants of the house, removes from their misfortune.

Cherry – This fruit tree carries a huge stock of positive energy. It grants fertility and prosperity to the people who approach it with sincerity and love.

If the above trees nourish people with positive energy, below mentioned trees work as powerful – power vacuum – that pull negative energy.

Chestnut and poplar are recommended if you need to get rid of the negative energy – such as depression, evil eye.

Aspen is one of the most powerful weapons against the forces of evil. Aspen can be useful in the case where a person needs to get rid of anger overflowing or when he has accidentally touched someone else’s negativity.

How to do it?

You should trust your intuition. Relax, take it easy and try not to think about the problems – enjoy the beauty around you. Try to merge with nature. And at one point you will feel a sudden liking to one of the trees, you literally pull him. But keep in mind: the tree-healer should always be direct and beautiful trunk. Curved trees, as well as two or three stems grow generally in a pathogenic region.

Walk up to the tree, try to feel his aura. It’s not easy to do, but it’s possible. Stand in front of a tree at a distance of about two meters and extend your arms forward. Focus on hands. Slowly approach the trunk.

At some distance from the trunk of the palm feel invisible border. This is – a cocoon of energy frame – around the tree. Within this cocoon, slide your hands to the trunk and back – you will feel either a slight tingling in the hands or a light breeze through your fingers.

Do this exercise with various species of trees and compare the experiences. In healthy and strong trees – cocoon – is away from the trunk and its density is higher.

But if you cannot feel this -cocoon – do not worry. Just walk up and touch the trunk of a palm tree that you liked. Do not rush. Close your eyes and relax. Try to feel the energy moving along the barrel. If you feel the heat that will flow to you, filling the entire body, then it is safe to stay near that tree – your friend, a source of positive energy and health.

There is one very simple method to help determine the suitability of your tree to heal or not. Take a piece of thin foil from the usual candy or chocolate, rub it on the clothes.

Now place this foil on your hand and approach the tree. If the foil is pulled to the trunk – it is your tree. If the foil is stuck to your palm, leave that tree.

The aura of trees is more powerful than yours. So if you want to help them, it can only be done with love. Do not force it.

When you find your tree, in order to get his help to absorb the healing energy, sit down next to him, leaning against the trunk. Now hug the tree with hands. Hugging the trunk is very effective method for absorbing the energy.

It works best when you are naked. But that is not possible every time. So either you can be topless or wear a thin cotton shirt.

Identify yourself to tree and send him a wave of love and gratitude. Communicate with the tree for 15-20 minutes.

How to Gain Health?

If you do not have a very good health, get yourself not one but several green friends. It is advisable that you select your friends near one another.

First stay a few minutes near Poplar, so that it can suck your negative energy or pain. Then approach birch or oak, to gain life force. It will boost your immune system and health.

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