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Acupuncture for Weight Loss, A Natural Solution to Slim Down

Everyone is searching for the secret to weight reduction, without falling victim to the most recent gimmicks. With such a wide variety of views about the best way to slim down, it can not be easy to tell what’ll actually work. Luckily there’s a technique for weight loss that’s been analyzed for centuries: acupuncture. This […]

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Japanese secret recipe for weight loss

Black Soybean Cocoa makes your slimming enjoyable. This recipe helps you to lose 4 pounds in 2 weeks without any extra effort or change in diet plan. How to Make Black Soybean Flour Cocoa Ingredients: Black soybeans, 200 grams. Cocoa powder, 100 grams (2 parts of soybeans to 1 part of cocoa powder), Milk, Honey, […]

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17 Interesting and Effective Ways to Not Gain Weight

Buy dishes with cool colors. If you believe the German psychologists, the cool colors – blue, green and gray – suppress appetite. The same applies to the tablecloths and curtains. Do not hang beautiful images of fruit baskets on the wall. Remember the Chinese wisdom: “Nothing is more conducive to a slim figure like a […]

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How to Enjoy Food Without Getting Fat

To enjoy your food and count calories too, try the following suggestions: * Choose lean meat, such as round steak and flank steak, and trim off visible fat. * Leave the chicken skin on your plate or remove the skin prior to cooking, so you won’t be tempted to eat it. * Broil, boil, poach, […]

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QiGong : Breathing techniques to improve chi energy and reduce weight

Qi gong improves the metabolism of the body through simple exercises and helps you in your quest for weight loss. If you are practicing qi gong, there is no need to diet or spend hours in gym or aerobics classes. At first glance, the exercises may seem too simple and effective. But do not be […]

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