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The New Trigenic Flex Clarks Original Shoe is the Good Kind of Weird

If you are frequently out and about owning that great pair of sneakers might be just what you need. The type of shoes you wear is quick to show your personality type to those you meet, and while different brand tends to send different messages, it is the style that really matters. Clarks have regularly been […]

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Porsche Adidas Bounce S4: A Running Sneakers to Boost Your Performance

For all our workout junkies and professional athletes, are you looking for a great pair of running sneakers to boost your performance? Whether you’re doing a race/walk event for charity or just want to leave your co-workers in the dust when that annual 5k comes up, you’re going to need sneakers that can withstand a […]

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Nike’s SF AF1 is a Military-inspired Creation that Looks and Feels Great

Nike’s Air Force 1 has always been one of their most recognized line of shoes. The brand has gotten an amazing revamp with the Special Field Edition. Nike’s SF AF1 is a military-inspired creation that looks and feels great. Additions such as secret pockets, ankle straps, and detachable paracords create a striking, unique design that […]

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