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The Playstation VR Bundle is Your Ticket to the Virtual World of Gaming

Gaming has evolved significantly over the past few years with more powerful consoles that produce high-quality content. Another long-awaited product of this evolution is Virtual Reality. Gamers have dreamed of diving into the worlds on their screen for ages; eager to join their favorite characters. Playstation started the campaign for gaming consoles to take advantage […]

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The Portable WiFi Bluetooth Speaker that is Not Afraid to Get Wet

Here’s a speaker that’s not afraid to get wet. We can say that the highlight for the Varo Water Resistant Speaker is that you can have a party in your shower. If it ever starts raining, any other speaker would’ve been destroyed and required a prompt funeral. But for this one, all you have to […]

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An Insanely Accurate Voice Control Speaker in a Sleek Modern Casing

Portable speakers are a dime a dozen, so when we find an awesome one, we have to let you know about it. This MK speaker is great to be able to take your music wherever you go and it is particularly useful for a small get together or road trip. What makes this portable speaker […]

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The Voice Recorder You Need to Help Remember All Those Important Details

Ever missed a key point in a meeting and ended up with the wrong data on your reports? Sometimes we just need a little help to remember important details. The Sony ICDUX560BLK is the ideal voice recorder for interviews, lectures, and meetings. This super accurate microphone can clearly discern actual voice versus background noise and enables […]

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Avegant Glyph is the One Headphone to Rule All Your Senses

Do you know what is better than a headphone with great sound? One that also has great video and you can use as a portable cinema anywhere you go! The Avegant Glyph is bound to give you the ultimate immersive cinema experience with premium high-quality headphones and two eyeholes in the headband, which we should […]

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