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Tippleman’s Captures the Caribbean Flavor with this Spiced Syrup

The Caribbean, an exotic escape from the dull mainland filled with exciting vibrancy and vigor. Start picturing the beautiful blue waters with white sandy beaches and you immediately feel more relaxed. It’s a place known for mouthwatering flavors that send your taste buds to a different world. Wouldn’t you take a sip of that if […]

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These Shaving Kits Are Everything You Need to Be a Man’s Man

You might already be using a nice razor along with your favorite shaving gel but somehow you feel as if something is lacking from your wet shaving experience. Let me tell you what that is. Ever heard of shaving kits? If not, then that is most likely the reason why you are not enjoying your […]

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30th Anniversary of Britannia Bullion Celebrated with this Pure Gold Coin

The 30th anniversary of the Britannia bullion’s first release is being celebrated with this beautifully crafted 1-ounce pure gold coin. The timeless design shows Britannia facing a turbulent storm head-on with her shield and helmet to protect her as she battles the forces; a symbolism of Britain’s unwavering tenacity in the face of any trials […]

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Keep Your Hands Warm and Your Fingers Free to Tap on Your Phone

Besides looking incredibly cool, fingerless gloves are the most functional accessory for winter time and cold environments. They keep your hands warm while keeping your fingers free to tap on your favorite smartphone.  The Beechfield fingerless gloves are made out of a soft fabric that feels extremely comfortable and it doesn’t irritate the skin, and the slightly ribbed designed […]

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Ever Wondered Where You Really Came From? Learn That and More

Ever wondered where you really came from? Throughout Earth’s long history humans have migrated and mixed amongst the many different societies across the globe. This cross-societal breeding means that almost everyone on the face of the earth has a mixed genetic background that is based on their geographic ancestors. Discovering your origin is an interesting […]

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