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Icelandic Single Mothers are the Most Respected in the World

Marriage is considered to be an unbreakable institution in many countries, but that is a concept that is entirely foreign to many Icelanders. Iceland has a high rate of divorce and the greatest percentage of working mothers in Europe. If that sounds like a formula to wreck society, then you should seriously start reviewing your […]

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This Award Winning Teacher Is Showing Kids How to Use White Privilege for Good

Abby Erdmann is not your everyday teacher; she knows how it is to be different and to be judged for that reason. Despite her privilege as a white woman, growing up in New Work in the 1960s; she experienced first hand how is it to be one of a few Jewish students in her school. […]

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What This Mom Did to Support the LGBTQ Community Will Restore Faith in Humanity

Lexi Magnusson, a mother from Washington, wanted to show her support to the LGBTQ community, so she had a wonderful idea. She got hold of 10 thousand Christmas lights and decorated her front yard with a Rainbow Flag. The story behind the idea started when Lexi left the Mormon Church because she disagreed with its […]

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