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Judge Spends a Night in Jail to Help The Man He Sentenced

Sometimes, a little kindness is all we need to get nudged back in the right direction, and Judge Lou Olivera has given us a big lesson on how to do just that. Former Special Forces soldier Joseph Serna has been trying to be sober. He has appeared before Judge Olivera 25 times, and getting caught […]

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Mac Lethal Sings Rap Written by 11-Year-Old Kid About Bullying

Kansas City-based rapper Mac Lethal, who has a reputation for ultra-fast deliveries, received a rap written by an 11-year-old kid which tells a terrible story about bullying. Isaac used to be friends with a kid named Thomas, and they used to do all sorts of things that kids do, but recently Thomas started to bully […]

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New York Police Office’s Act of Kindness Goes Viral

New York police officer was caught on camera doing something you don’t see very often; he was giving a pair of boots and socks to a homeless man. Officer Lawrence DePrimo justified his actions by saying that he was wearing two pairs of socks and combat boots that night and that his feet were still […]

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The Girl Who Silenced the World For 5 Minutes Returns to Brazil After 20 Years

Severn Cullis-Suzuki was only a 12-year-old girl when she stood up for her future at the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro in 1992. Her speech raised awareness to this very important issue from the perspective of a child, and she boldly told the adults in the room: “If you don’t know how to fix […]

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An Interesting Talk About Gender-Driven Growth

This is not going to be that funny cat video that you usually see around here. Instead, this one features some of the most accomplished women from all around the world in the latest World Economic Forum to discuss the importance of improving equality in between genders. This is going to be a serious post, […]

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