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Ensure that your Kid keep his promises

When your child says ‘I promise’, do you believe him? Or for that matter, does your child believe that he will be able to keep his promise? Unfortunately, often enough, the answer is ‘no’. Pune-based child psychologist, Medha Dhavale, gives a few guidelines to help parents help their children make the right resolutions and stick […]

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Masa Song Donates 4-Feet-Long Hair in Honor of Her Mom Who Died from Lung Cancer

Long or short, curly or straight, ponytails or locks, just to name a few of the wonderful ways girls wear their hair. There is something about women with their hair. Most believe that it’s one of their most important accessories, and are willing to do whatever it takes to keep it looking good every day. […]

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In Order to Honor Her Stillborn, Wendy Donated 16 Gallons of Breast Milk

A disaster can either bring the best or the worst in a human. Luckily, for Wendy Cruz-Chan she demonstrated to the whole world what a great mother she would have been if her son Killiam had not been taken away by a deadly uterine infection. In October 2016, Wendy’s heart was broken into pieces once […]

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You Won’t Believe How This Guys Surprised His Dad

If you do not already know who Angry Grandpa is, simply head over to YouTube and you will find his channel where he has about 3 million subscribers. His videos mostly show him getting mad about random things or smashing furniture hence the moniker Angry Grandpa. Angry Grandpa, Charles Green Jr. in real life, is […]

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This Little Boy’s Reaction To Finally Being Adopted after Foster Care Has Everyone In Tears

Life is surely full of little surprises, and for the Brown family, it came to them in the presence of 3-year-old Michael. Back in February 2015, Michael was introduced to his third foster family, but little did he know that the Browns would soon become his permanent family. The single mother of two, Tara Montgomery […]

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