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Homemade eye pillow that improves vision and induces sleep naturally

This eye pillow combined with eye massage will improve the vision of people suffering from near-sightedness, presbyopia, and eyestrain. This Pillow is an eye mask that is effective not only in easing eyestrain but also in inducing sleep. How to Make the Eye Pillow Material needed for making eye pillow: (1) Piece of thin, soft, fine-texture silk cloth, 9 […]

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Pigeon Repellent Methods for Your Home and Health Safety

Pigeon control is a necessity if you want your house to be safe for your kids and family. Pigeons are beautiful birds and everyone loves them outside the house. But they are a big nuisance if they make your house their nesting place. They transmit deadly micro-organisms and diseases that can put your kids and […]

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Feng Shui Rules for your Home

Feng Shui is an ancient technique that defines rules for your home to benefit your well being. THE bedroom should ideally be the most comfortable living space in the house. Retreating to this space should seem like a hard-earned reward. Small bedrooms are ideally the best as they are cozy and comfortable and energy is […]

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How to stop negative thoughts easily in three simple steps

I am feeling great today! Drag yourself from that abyss of self-pity with some +ve thinking. I am depressed No one loves me My hubby puts his work before me My job is lousy My friends have great lives You could go on, but don’t you think it is ENOUGH ? It’s no fun being […]

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