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This Little Boy Can’t Believe That Mickey and Minnie Know Sign Language

A three-year-old boy has had the time of his life while visiting Disneyland with his new family. Phoenix Fox was born mostly deaf and communicates through sign language, so imagine his surprise when he was able to communicate with Minnie and Mickey. He was over the moon with excitement as you can see in the video […]

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This Man Dedicated his Life to Prevent Suicides in China’s Most Notorious Suicide Spot

In today’s modern life, is extremely easy to get lost in our own little worlds. We are so busy focused on doing our own thing, sticking to our personal routine, or perhaps, just drinking at the pub. But that is not what Chen Si, a 48-year-old worker in China, is doing with his time. Every week […]

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9-Year-Old Shaves Her Head to Support Mom With Cancer

Cancer is a harsh diagnosis, so when Liz Revis was told she had ovarium cancer, she knew the support from her family and friends would make a huge different during her treatment. With that in mind, she threw a shaving party. The party was at a hair salon where Liz’s friend Alida Schreier works, and […]

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The Sweet Tale of a 80-Year-Old First-Time Bride and Her Beautiful Wedding

As we all know, life is not straightforward; it takes time to figure ourselves out, get the perfect job, and find our other half. Therefore, life was not any different for Maria Teresa Cobar. She was born in Guatemala and moved to the United States as a 27-year-old single mother and worked for many years […]

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The Inspiring Story of Zach Sobiech and his Song “Clouds”

Zach Sobiech was a very special being, at the age of 14 he was diagnosed with osteosarcoma (bone cancer); and at the age of 17, he was told by doctors that he had up to one year to live. He then decided that he wanted to enjoy his life as much as he could and spend […]

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