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Opinel #12 Explore: The Knife that Turns You Into a Real Nature Explorer

There are a lot of reasons to love nature; it’s quiet, peaceful and evokes deep wonder. However, when you’re going to face the elements, you need a reliable tool to keep you alive. The Opinel #12 Explore is an extremely functional knife that is ideal for camping or hunting. If you’re a true man of […]

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The Closed-Loop System Self-Cleaning Fish Tank for the Lazy Fish-Owner

If you ask someone’s who owns an aquarium, they will undoubtedly tell you that they love their fish, but dread having to do regular cleaning of their fish’s tank. You should tell them about the Water Garden Fish Tak, and they will thank you for a lifetime. This handy-dandy fish tank leverages the concept of […]

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The Stiletto Tibone Titanium Hammer is the Last Hammer You Will Ever Buy

A tradesman’s tool is a precious item and it can make a difference between making a couple of bucks or creating a building empire. As much important to know your trade is to show potential clients that you have the right tools for that important contract. Typical weaker hammers are bound to break, warp, or […]

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