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What is the Best Frying Oil to Maintain Healthy Recommended Cholesterol Levels

From treating infection to promoting youthful skin, oils have always had a rich history of use in natural medicine. But oils are only as good as the active ingredients they contain, which makes quality a key concern when choosing an oil. Healthy Oils are All About Extraction There are many different ways to extract oils […]

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9-Year-Old Shaves Her Head to Support Mom With Cancer

Cancer is a harsh diagnosis, so when Liz Revis was told she had ovarium cancer, she knew the support from her family and friends would make a huge different during her treatment. With that in mind, she threw a shaving party. The party was at a hair salon where Liz’s friend Alida Schreier works, and […]

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This 10-Year-Old Genius Invented a Gadget that Prevents Babies from Dying in Hot Cars

This 10-year-old boy from Texas has created a device to put a stop on babies dying in hot cars. Bishop Curry is a fifth grader and has always been a curious young man, so when a baby in his hometown died after being left behind in a minivan, he was inspired to do something about it. He created Oasis, a […]

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What Theses Glasses Can Do for Color Blind People Is So Amazing That Will Make You Tear Up

Science is a wonderful thing; don’t you agree? It has brought amazing things to our eyes, made us see the wonders of the universe, brought light to our houses, tablets to our hands, life would be very different without science. But let’s not stop there because one of its most recent achievement will bring color to […]

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This Is How Kittens Are Helping Nursing Home Residents to Feel Like Grandparents Again

A nursing home calledCatalina Springs joint hands with Pima Animal Care Center and together they created an exciting program. The program is called “Bottle Babies” and allow senior residents to look after kittens. The idea is a win-win situation. The kittens require a lot of attention and the residents from the nursing home have a […]

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