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How to Keep Your Tie in Place

So you put together a nice combination of a crisp shirt, a tie that compliments its color, some neat pants, and a good pair of shoes. That is a good amount of effort in looking well-presented, now all you have to do is maintain this image until the day is done. Luckily, there are little […]

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Dress for Success Even When Working From Home

Even if you work from home, you are still a professional. What this means is even if your home base is not an office building, this does not and should not exempt you from being serious about your business venture. One way to “get into character” is looking the part. Even though a proper dress […]

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The Versatility of Leather Jackets: How to Buy the Best Leather Jacket for You

Timeless, cool, and edgy—over the decades, leather jackets turned into one of the fashion must-haves. While some people like to associate leather jackets with a more youthful and hip vibe, with their different styles, materials, and shapes, they offer endless styling options from casual weekend outfits to formal, special occasion looks. The Short History of […]

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How to Match Cufflinks with Your Outfit

Introduced by the French in the 16th century, wearing cufflinks symbolized a person belongs to the higher class or the royal family. Nowadays, cufflinks still play a part in transforming a relaxed and casual outfit to one that speaks of professionalism and confidence. How to Match Cufflinks with Your Clothes One way of finding a […]

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What is Collar Pin? And When Are You Supposed to Wear One?

If you want to add character to your suit but lapel pins seem rather fancy for your taste, collar pins could be a better option. First introduced in the beginning of the 20th century, collar pins are accessories designed to hold both ends of a dress shirt collar together while passing underneath the knot of […]

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