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Watch the Original X-Files First 9 Seasons in a Sharper Blu-Ray Edition

Sci-Fi is a popular speculative fiction genre that exposes you to advanced technological eras, mind-bending alien worlds, and creative but chilling concepts. Despite all the new good shows that have found glory in this genre, none can match the legendary status of The X-Files. The X-Files has been such a massive influence that its elements […]

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You Might Even End Up Pretending to Be Like Bond When Nobody’s Looking

Forget Kingsman, we have a real spy saga here. The new look-alike may be good but it cannot compare to the great legacy of the entire James Bond franchise. The granddaddy of spy films never disappoints in any single installment. Whether it is Casino Royale, GoldenEye or License to Kill, the tense action scenes and […]

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