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Details: The Ultimate Guide for Making Your Clothes Work for You

From denim to dockers, Details Men’s Style Manual gives you the best advice on casualwear and formal wear. If you’ve been looking for a more contemporary guidebook on men’s style then this is the one for you. Based on the trusted Details magazine articles, this style manual possesses vital fashion advice for men. Presented in […]

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The Starving Artist Cookbook with Illustrated Recipes for First-Time Cooks

Besides being necessary to keep you alive, food has the incredible power to bring people together. Depending on how you were grown up then you were probably taught the basics of cooking so you can survive on your own. If you’re like the rest of us who never got that opportunity and now rely solely […]

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A History Lesson About Garments and How They Developed Over Time

Men’s fashion has come a long way, and unlike its female counterpart, menswear isn’t subject to drastic changes every other day due to fleeting desires. It mostly reflects the nature of men themselves; stable, sure, and definitive. Every subsequent change has been based on a kind of apparel progenitor, the first ever design of that shirt […]

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Trump is F*cking Crazy: (This is Not a Joke) by Keith Olbermann

Since there were whispers of Trump running for the presidency, American citizens have been fretting for their country. For most of them, the fate of their great nation would be in the hands of a madman. How can a businessman, with no political background, lead a country? Understandably, despite his excellent business acumen, many doubted […]

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Surf Shacks: The Beautiful and Sweet Homes of Surfers Worldwide

Surfers have an attractive allure that makes us envy their lifestyle. They seem to bathe in freedom, wistfully going anywhere they please whenever they want. This opens up their world to exotic places, gives them the opportunity to bond with diverse people and cultivate unforgettable experiences. Being such spontaneous beings and constantly moving around means […]

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