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The Playstation VR Bundle is Your Ticket to the Virtual World of Gaming

Gaming has evolved significantly over the past few years with more powerful consoles that produce high-quality content. Another long-awaited product of this evolution is Virtual Reality. Gamers have dreamed of diving into the worlds on their screen for ages; eager to join their favorite characters. Playstation started the campaign for gaming consoles to take advantage […]

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The Super Nintendo Classic Edition is a Fun Trip Down Memory Lane

Now here’s a throwback, seeing the Super Nintendo Classic Edition revived would bring a tear to any real fan’s eyes. When it first came out, the Super Nintendo Entertainment System was a great gaming console you would huddle around with your friends. Nintendo has brought back this wonderful classic making it smaller, for convenience. In […]

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The Ideal Gift for that Rich Friend Who’s Also Crazy About James Bond

Monopoly has been around for quite a while andis one of the most popular board games around. Simply by just reading the word Monopoly, I’m sure you can remember all the times you enjoyed playing it despite that occasional cheater who always managed to get away with the best properties. Now, can you imagine what James Bond […]

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The New Playstation 4 Pro 1TB Console Brings Realistic Gaming to 4K TVs

The PlayStation 4 Pro is a massive improvement from the original PS4 and if you care about gaming performance, or if you have just purchased a new shiny 4k TV, this is the gaming update you just don’t want to miss. With a massive boost to the console frame rate capabilities, playing games on a 4k […]

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