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Ever Wondered Where You Really Came From? Learn That and More

Ever wondered where you really came from? Throughout Earth’s long history humans have migrated and mixed amongst the many different societies across the globe. This cross-societal breeding means that almost everyone on the face of the earth has a mixed genetic background that is based on their geographic ancestors. Discovering your origin is an interesting […]

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How to Dress Like a Scottish Man

In today’s world, it’s rare that a culture stands out substantially more than others. Humans are subject to change, conformity, and trend. One culture that hasn’t seemed to absorb any of this change, however, is that of the ancient Scottish culture. In particular, the dress of a Scottish man, known as Highland Dress, and is […]

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5 Unusual Shirt Collar Types You Are Likely to Wear Once in a Lifetime

While colors and patterns are what we mostly think about when talking about dress shirts, it is the type and shape of the collar that truly defines its character. When collar types are matched appropriately to wearer and occasion, they will evoke a sense of confidence and style, but when matched incorrectly, well, let’s put […]

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The Interesting History of Shirt Collars

Have you ever stop to think about the history of the shirt collar you use to go to work pretty much every day? Shirt collars are ancient; it is said that the history of collars started around 1300 with a wool of linen fabric that was built right into shirts and came up as high […]

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Nasa's Rocket Launch

The Book List: Rockets and Rocketry

Beginning with ancient China through the 21st century, rockets have been a source of amazement and excitement. Just about everyone, child or adult, engineer or layman, can be entranced by the sight of a rocket streaking far up into the sky. Not surprisingly, many books have been published on the subject, ranging from fiction and […]

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