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Why Wearing a Suit Every Day Will Make You More Successful

If you work in a traditional industry such as accounting and finances, or perhaps in a government agency, or any other area where you need to keep a more serious tone, well, you should be wearing a suit every day. If you are not, you should start, it might just make you a more successful […]

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Tips for Getting Your Next Job

10 Practical Tips for Job Seekers

Manage Your Social Media Presence Gone were the days when employers merely contact your references or previous employers for some background check. Apparently, your social media accounts when setting on public make for a good basis of your character. So before sending job applications, polish your Twitter, Facebook, or whichever social media you are using. […]

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10 Mistakes Job Seekers do When Looking for a Job

We may all have been jobless at some point and being rejected by one employer after another can be frustrating, most especially when you cannot pinpoint what makes them not hire you. Here are ten common mistakes that you might want to look to for and avoid when applying for a job. Putting Excessive and […]

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