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This Student Launched a Coffee Shop to Help Support Homeless People in London

Second Shot Coffee is a plan of Julius Ibrahim, a final year UCL student who intends to support the homeless in London through employment in the café. He will train and employ the homeless to the coffee shop once the £75,000 is attained through the Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign. Second Shot will have a positive impact […]

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This Amazing Mom Opened a Coffee Shop and Now Employs 40 Adults with Learning Disabilities

Amy Wright is a mom and an entrepreneur from Wilmington, North Carolina and she opened a very special coffee shop. Bitty & Beau’s employs 40 peoples with learning disabilities and two managers with degrees in special education. The idea came to Amy and her husband, who have two kids with Down Syndrome, while reading a newspaper. […]

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Meet the 22-Year-Old Female Entrepreneur Behind Savile Row’s First Women’s-Only Tailor

Phoebe Gormley is not your everyday teenager. First, she has been in love with fashion since a young age, making her own clothes from her father’s old suits; second, she spent her summers shadowing world-famous tailors in Savile Row and Jermyn Street. While most people at her age spend summer having a different kind of […]

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Who is The Entrepreneur Helping Create Jobs All Over The World

Charlotte Pearce is a 24-years-old entrepreneur. She first started to work for herself while at school, selling makeup and bags online until she founded Inkpact when she graduated from the University of Southampton. Pearce learned that handwritten communication was crucial for businesses wanting to stand out with personalized communication, while their competitors were printing the same […]

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The Bitcoin Origins Mystery Lingers On as Satoshi Nakamoto Denies Being Its Founder

It could be that the hunt for the inventor of Bitcoin, carried out by reporter Leah McGrath Goodman, Newsweek has been in vain. The magazine has issued a major report ensuring that it has found the father of virtual currency (see here), but the man in question, who has not given an interview to Newsweek, […]

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