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The Guy Who ‘Makes the Internet’ Talks About his Own Experience with Bullying

I’ve stumble on this fantastic video on the topic of bullying put together by Francis, a YouTuber also know by Boogie2988, who produces some of the most outrageously funny nerdy-style videos I ever seen, if you haven’t seen him yet, here’s the one I find to be the funniest of them all.

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Inspirational Speech on Bullying and Beauty by Shane Koyczan

This thoughtful speech by Shane Koyczan will give you a powerful insight and hopefully motivate you to stand up against bullying. In it, Shane shares a few of his own experiences growing up, such as having his dreams dismissed and being bullied at school because of his appearance. He points out that he was not […]

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Miss Iceland Votes with Her Feet and Quit Miss Grand International Against Fat-Shaming

What would you do if you were body-shamed while participating in a beauty contest’? Well, if you’re the reigning Miss Iceland, you’d vote with your feet and quit the competition. On October 24, 2016, Miss Area Yr Jónsdóttir left the Miss Grand International, a world-famous beauty contest that was being held in Las Vegas. The […]

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