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These Beautiful Photos are Just a Glimpse of the Impressive Work of Photographer Bryant Austin

The selection above is just a glimpse of the impressive work you will find on photographer Bryant Austin work portfolio. He dedicated years of his life to capture the most amazing shots of whales, stuff you will not find anywhere else. This passion and dedication culminated in the largest and most detailed photographs of whales […]

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This Guy Used his Dentist’s Equipment to Cover “Can’t Feel My Face”

Andrew Huang is one of those aspiring artists who intend to create music with whatever instrument they have—and we mean any instrument! His latest cover of ‘Can’t Feel My Face’ by The Weeknd is definitely one of the covers you’d listen to over and over! His instruments?—several dental equipment! Yes, you heard right: dental equipment. […]

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Brian Hull Records an Awesome Cover Of ‘Let It Go’ Using Disney and Pixar Characters Voices

Anyone who has not yet heard of the song “Let It Go” from Disney’s newest animated movie, “Frozen,” had probably been living under a rock. This song is so popular that kids and even adults are smitten by its catchy lyrics and bouncy melody. In fact, it is so popular that a lot of covers […]

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Family Dresses Like Doctor Who in this Themed Photoshoot by Robin Gatti

Robin Gatti is a professional photographer specialized in the areas of real estate and show dogs, but she also has a creative side that is pretty adorable. She wanted to exterminate boredom from her own family photo shoot, and the resulting work is fantastic! The start of the show is, without a doubt, the four-month-old […]

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Who is The Entrepreneur Helping Create Jobs All Over The World

Charlotte Pearce is a 24-years-old entrepreneur. She first started to work for herself while at school, selling makeup and bags online until she founded Inkpact when she graduated from the University of Southampton. Pearce learned that handwritten communication was crucial for businesses wanting to stand out with personalized communication, while their competitors were printing the same […]

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