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This Simple and Sweet Love Story Will Make Your Heart Melt

Created by Cornetto, this heartwarming short film called “Kismet Diner” features beautiful songs from Lotte Mullan and showcase a sweet love story between a young waitress named Laura and a regular customer from the diner where she works.    The film explores the fact we are all different, sometimes because of our tastes, opinions, and […]

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This Polish Christmas Advert is Melting Everybody’s Heart

A Polish Christmas advert for an auction website has reached over 10 million people on social media and melted everybody’s heart in the process. Allegro’s ad, called ‘What are you looking for at Christmas? English for beginners’, tells the story of a Polish man learning to speak English for a very special reason. The adorable […]

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Just Checking by Cheerios

I don’t particularly like supporting brands here on WoordUp, unless I really do believe in what they are doing, and after watching this commercial by Cheerios.

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