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Cafe Chairs

Cafe chairs are mainly used for business purposes rather than personal use. However, one may use them in their dining room. Cafe chairs are used in cafes and restaurants mainly. It can be a commercial café or your office or college cafeteria. Since, these chairs are used for commercial purposes, the style and looks really matter here. Also, the cost and durability and maintenance of these chairs are major parameters to consider. So, you can see that it is a lot harder to choose cafe chairs than any of your household furniture.

personalized cafe chairs

Like all other furniture, cafe chairs can be made of wood, metal or plastic. The wooden cafe chairs are mainly made of wooden ply to reduce the weight and also to give it a modern look. The color of ply can be customized to suit the surroundings. These chairs are sturdy and will last a really long time without any maintenance at all. The cushion of the seats is also very good with wooden ply chairs. Another distinct design is the Y design used in wishbone cafe chairs. It is originally a Danish design but wishbone styled chairs for a café adds more grandeur to your restaurant or café. These chairs are manufactured from oak, maple, American cherry, etc.

The steel chairs are more modern versions of cafe chairs. They look metallic and go with the urban style. Generally the sitting base is of wood or other cushions added to it. These chairs are relatively heavy. So, sometimes, aluminum is used in parts to reduce the weight but it increases the cost.

wishbone styled cafe chair

Plastic chairs are less costly due to the low price of plastic. Plastic cafe chairs are the cheapest cafe chairs. They are durable, light and cheap. However, they may not be stylish enough for the very glamorous of restaurants and cafés.

If you’re planning to buy a set of café chairs, one thing you must consider first is the matching of the tables with your chairs. Generally, glass tables are used in modern cafés. Wooden ply and steel chairs look great with those tables. The cushion used in the chairs is also important. Generally, ply provides good cushion but if you want your customers to be more comfortable you can use sofa chairs.

Since you are most likely to order a whole set of café chairs at once, you must take into considerations all the factors mentioned earlier in this article. Also, sit and discuss with the furniture company that will deliver you the chairs. Try to find out the best suited set of chairs at the cheapest rate possible. This is business after all.

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