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Bucket Chairs

Bucket chairs have been used for many years in automobile industry and now we are finding this design being used for our household, office or in restaurants and cafes. The best bucket chairs are being used in corporate sectors with much regularity now-a-days. As the name suggests, it is a chair where the seating resembles a bucket. The seating sinks deep into the chair and more than one person can’t sit on a single bucket chair. The use of these bucket chairs in cars is used to prevent the driver from getting displaced from his seat while driving. It was first used in racing cars in the early 1960’s. This seating design is still present in many commercial automobiles and also racing cars, to date. The front bench seat is rapidly vanishing from cars mainly in the US.

stylish bucket chairs

Bucket chairs are unique in their design because of how deep the seat is compared to the side arms. Most bucket chairs can be used as a single sofa. Bucket chairs are very comfortable and also glamorous at the same time. Leather bucket chairs are used mainly in offices and cafés or restaurants. It gives a professional look to your office environment. Wishbone bucket chairs are also becoming very popular now-a-days. This is the combination of the Danish wishbone design and bucket chair where the seating is bucket style and the other parts resembles that of a wishbone chair.

The use of plastic bucket chairs is done to reduce the cost. These are less comfortable than the leather or other cushioned chairs but are quite cheaper. Plastic bucket chairs are mainly used in smaller cafés and restaurants or other commercial place. Then there are different fabrics used for bucket chairs. You can find vintage look bucket chairs with silk or linen being used as fabric of the seat cover. You can also get colorful and distinct pattern of fabric being used for fabricating bucket chairs. So, you can adjust the color of your bucket chair to match the interior of your house or office.

where to buy bucket chairs

Bucket chairs are available in all furniture stores around the globe. If you want to choose from a large range of bucket chairs, you may also browse the internet to get the ideal design for you and also the ideal price range for you. It is much easier to get a better and cheap bucket chair online with much less effort.

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