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Best Wedding Jewelry for the Most Radiant Bride

Wedding is very special day for a woman, that’s why every bride must shine during her wedding day. She must look resplendent in her gown and in her glittering wedding jewelry. Most brides coming from wealthy families wear diamonds, rubies, sapphire, emerald, and other precious stones set on gold or platinum.

Why do brides wear jewelry during their marriage ceremony? One answer is that all brides must be beautiful during their wedding day. Accessories such as jewelry items can turn any ordinary-looking girl into a radiance and elegant figure. That’s the reason why bride’s jewelry has to be as special as the wedding.

glamorous wedding jewelry

In selecting the jewelry for your wedding, you must select a jewelry set that match your wedding ring, your wedding dress, your hairstyle and most of all that match your personality and style. Below are types of jewelry that you can choose from for that special day.

Types of Wedding Jewelry

For couples planning to have a grand wedding, here are some ideas regarding wedding jewelry sets for brides.

  • Diamond sets

Diamonds are the most precious among all gemstones. High quality diamonds glitter when hit by sunlight and they have numerous facets. Jewelry sets made of diamond set on gold or platinum has become a symbol status since only the rich can afford such luxury.

complete wedding jewelry sets

You can just imagine how beautiful a bride can be in her white beaded gown and diamond jewelry. Usually, the jewels worn by brides come in a complete set composed of ring, a pair of earrings, necklace, bracelet, and tiara. Diamonds are ideal for wedding because they represent the purity of the bride and the durability of the marriage.

The size of the diamond laid on gold or white gold proclaims the worth of the wearer. There were brides who were known to wear diamonds as big as marbles during their marriage ceremony. Ordinary folks also use diamonds but at smaller sizes. Some prefer to wear colored diamonds such as pink or yellow instead transparent ones.

cute wedding jewelry sets for brides

  • Mother of pearl jewelry sets

Mother of pearl is also appropriate for weddings. The pearl stands for innocence and purity. Trinkets made of pearl set on gold or platinum look elegant and sophisticated on almost all women, especially, on brides. A bride wearing a gown adorned with tiny beads and jewelry made of mother of pearl set on gold or platinum will look the most radiant bride as she marches towards the altar.

Pearl wedding jewelry is popular because it can cost less than diamonds. There are cultured pearls that cost less than the real pearls. Using the cheaper version is unnoticeable because the genuine and cultured pearls look the same. Even on close inspection, it is difficult to distinguish the real pearl from pearls grown by man.

tips for choosing pearl wedding jewelry

  • Other precious gemstones are also ideal for making wedding jewelry sets. Members of royal families have worn during their wedding day huge rubies, sapphires, and emeralds surrounded with tiny diamonds and set on gold or platinum. The choice of using colored stones has become popular as more and more women use fashion jewelry during their wedding day. Of course, men who can afford expensive things shower their brides with precious and beautiful pieces. If they cannot afford big stones, they buy jewelry sets of tiny diamonds on gold. They are a little bit cheaper than bigger ones.

When planning a wedding, extra care must be taken in choosing the appropriate wedding jewelry for a more elegant effect. There is no need to be confused when selecting the perfect jewelry set for your wedding. The aforementioned types of jewelry for the bride will help you decide on what to wear. Also select the best provider of jewelry for they can also help you select the perfect set.

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