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Brussels Express by Sander Vandenbroucke

Brussels Express a short-film created by Sander Vandenbroucke that explore the life of bike messengers working in Brussels, and how the city is embracing the cycling culture. I’m very happy to see countries all over Europe are developing a more positive stand in favour of bicycle culture. A few weeks ago I feature a great […]

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Bicycle Club by NL Architects

This cool Bicycle Club was created by NL Architects. The building is a velodrome that sits atop a glass-enclosed cafe towards the bottom. Cyclists reaching this destination can conduct their bikes about the 2nd level and run a few laps or maybe observe others with their bikes. The building is still in conceptual phase, so […]

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Flora and Fauna Illustrations by Teagan White

Minnesota-based freelance designer and illustrator Teagan White illustrations are filled with delicate renderings of flora and fauna, playful depictions of cute anthropomorphic critters, illustrative typography and everything in between. White’s work constantly presents her fascination with nature, antiquities, relationships between life forms, high level of detail and harmonious color and composition. Everything that makes me […]

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The Prince of Wales for Rio+20 on Global Sustainability

The Prince of Wales have published a slightly worrying video message over The Royal Channel on YouTube to be shown at Rio+20 Global Sustainability conference. The future monarch warns that we are close to the boundaries of what our planet Earth can withstand and praise for an integrated approach to secure our future resources. My […]

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Skateboard Tricks at 1000 Frames per Second Slow Motion

Skateboarding tricks at 1000 frames per second in super slow are way much more interesting than you think, just watch! The complexity of movements to make a skateboard trick can only be seen with a slow motion video like this one. I wonder if they think about this details while performing this movements or they […]

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