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9-Year-Old Shaves Her Head to Support Mom With Cancer

Cancer is a harsh diagnosis, so when Liz Revis was told she had ovarium cancer, she knew the support from her family and friends would make a huge different during her treatment. With that in mind, she threw a shaving party.

The party was at a hair salon where Liz’s friend Alida Schreier works, and with all her friends and family close by, Liz had her head shaved. Everyone was having fun and enjoying themselves. Even Hendrix, Liz’s young son helped out then encouraged hir mom by saying “You still look pretty mama.”.

Liz and Leila After Hair Cut

At this point, Liz’s daughter, Leila, surprised them all by asking to have part of her head shaved too, she didn’t want her mom to feel alone in her journey to beat cancer. Liz was amazed:

“I got completely choked up when she asked if she could shave a patch of her hair too. To my knowledge no one had encouraged her, or spoken to her about it at all. At nine years old, for her to come up with something like that, I’m blown away.

At an age when it is tough to be outside of the social box, especially for girls, the fact that Leila is willing to march to the beat of her own drum for something she believes to be important leaves me speechless. There are no words to describe the love and admiration I have for her.”

Liz also explains that she is overwhelmed with all the help and support herself and her family has received from close friends; this has had a huge positive impact on how she feels about being sick:

“I have to pinch myself when I think of the kindness that’s been offered to my family in the face of such darkness. Where some people might be alone and afraid, I have the backing of a mighty team. How could I be anything but brave?”

Leila Having Her Head Shaved

Liz’s battle against cancer is still a reality, but she is confident she will continue positive throughout her treatment with all the love and uplighting energy from family and friends. And let’s nor forget that she now share a cool hair style with her daughter Leila.

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