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17 Interesting and Effective Ways to Not Gain Weight

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Buy dishes with cool colors. If you believe the German psychologists, the cool colors – blue, green and gray – suppress appetite. The same applies to the tablecloths and curtains. Do not hang beautiful images of fruit baskets on the wall.

Remember the Chinese wisdom: “Nothing is more conducive to a slim figure like a dream on an empty stomach. Scientists at University of Chicago, have found that the long dream stimulates growth hormones which in turn speeds up the metabolism and helps to reduce weight.

Always place your order first at the restaurant. This will prevent you from the temptation to try the example of food junkie friends.

Try to keep your apartment clean. Mopping, cleaning cupboards and washing dishes burns more calorie than spending time in gym.

Always wear a tight gold chain around your waist. Now when you try to eat more, it will send you alerts.

Charge your spirits. A woman enjoying floral aromas is more likely to lose weight as per the University of Chicago professors.

Wash down the food with white wine as it speeds up digestion. Experts from the German Wine Academy argue that anyone who drink 100-200 ml of white wine a day, lose weight 20% faster than those who consume fruit juices.

Do not dine in the shadows, says Joseph Kesova. He proved that in the dark, people cannot control themselves. The sensitivity of the taste buds escalates and absolutely everything, including ordinary bread, seems extremely appetizing.

Scientists at the University of Tennessee recommend everyone to start the day with the yogurt. Person who eat up to 3 jars of fermented milk per day, lose 60% more fat than those who simply cuts back the diet.

At the cocktail party, always keep a glass in your right hand. The left hand is uncomfortable and turns slowly towards the food.

Place the table in front of a mirror. American studies show that those who are watching their reflection,  eat 22% less.

Buy more clothes of bright colors. A colorful women is always at the centre of men’s attraction. If you love admiration it will keep your resolution going.

Buy one size small breath taking dress and hang it in a prominent place. This is the best incentive to lose weight.

Do not eat in front of the TV. First of all, you cannot appreciate the taste and flavor of the dishes and second, you will always miss the point of saturation.

Keep the refrigerator full. This will save you from the unplanned attacks on fast food at the nearest joint.

Chew a sprig of parsley. It’s bitter taste weaken the appetite.

Brush your teeth after eating. The feeling of cleanliness and freshness discourage any desire to eat another piece.

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